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The basis for the United States’ intervention in Iraq was wrong and illegal.  The Bush doctrine, as expressed in the National Security Strategy, that the United States has the right to intervene unilaterally and militarily to overthrow governments violates international law and the democratic spirit of our Constitution. The post-war reconstruction of Iraq should be based on the need to serve Iraqi interests, not American economic interests, and especially not large corporate interests. The governance of Iraq should be immediately transferred from the United States to the United Nations, with an immediate Security Council resolution to that effect. Further, the transference of power back to the Iraqi people should be made as expeditiously as possible, commensurate with United Nations implementation of this policy.

Attacks on our First Amendment and Constitutional rights, embodied in recent Executive Orders, the USA Patriot Act, and related measures intended ostensibly to enhance domestic security at the expense of our freedoms, must be ended. We desire a return to a fully constitutional form of government, with an appropriate balance of powers, and with the full protection of our civil rights. The Patriot Act should be rescinded, and further attempts to extend it should be resisted.

We are outraged at the inhumane treatment of detainees including unlawful combatants in the war on terrorism.   Torture under any circumstances is unacceptable and policies designed to allow torture are unacceptable, immoral and illegal. The United States government and its representatives must cease their violations of the Geneva Conventions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the War Crimes Act of 1996 which expressly forbid torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of prisoners and detainees. Government officials must monitor violations of these treaties and laws and demand respect for the legal and human rights of all detainees in the war on terrorism.  Furthermore steps must be taken to stop the horrendous abuses from continuing as well as actions to prevent future US violations of the treaties and laws



GLNAWI connects groups and individuals opposing war in Iraq through non-violent action. GLNAWI....GLNAWI seeks to promote a peaceful nonmilitary resolution to the current conflict in Iraq with actions including nonviolent protest, educational activities, petitioning our elected officials and coalition building.

The Greater Lansing Network Against War & Injustice promotes nonviolent solutions to international conflicts and advocates policies that promote human rights and civil liberties to ensure a just and democratic world.